Today I am Open to the Presence of Miracles

Posted on September 2, 2013 · Posted in Dharma, Forgiveness, LIfe, Love, Miracles, Mission, Studio, Teacher Training, Uncategorized, vegan, Yoga

Miracles are often thought of as events that happen rarely if at all, only in movies…  Something that only a few of us ever experience. However, I believe that miracles happen all the time in our own lives.  The Latin root of the word “Miracle” literally means ‘behold with rapt attention’.    When I pay attention and am aware miracles happen every day.  When I pay attention my life is transformed to a magical experience.   Does this seem far -fetched or hard to become a reality for you?  Start with saying to yourself “Today I am open to the presence of miracles” see how that feels and let go of all expectations.  Just be open and let that ‘openness’ be natural and easy.



A story, a personal ‘miracle’ story if you wish to share with me read on.  Two years ago I had in my mind and heart the synergistic qualities of a yoga studio above a juice bar, vegan café or something like that.  I called around to Robeks  Juice bar in Quaker Ridge then a juice bar in Larchmont (that has since closed). I knew that I needed a partner since ‘food’ is simply not my business. Then during 2012 teacher training class there was an amazing Vegan Cook in the class.  I thought surely this must be it.  During teacher training one of the exercises is to write a 5 year yoga related dharma paper.  Dharma means ‘heart-felt calling, duty and mission’.  The assignment was to write a paper on their unique yoga-specific  dharma and  to write the paper in the present tense as if 5 years have passed and they are fulfilling their mission.  I wrote one as an example clearly stating the idea of a vegan café (sent some pretty big hints to the person I thought would be part of this dharma).  However it was not to be. At that point, I let it go.  Completely, no attachment to the idea any more.



Time went by and our classes at Westchester Yoga started to overflow.    We needed a new space soon. I looked and found a place. But my landlord had not found a renter to replace the studio so would not let us move.  Waiting game went on and I was not always as patient as the ideal yogini could have been.  Thank you all too for your patience! The wait went on and life went on.  This spring I was at an art exhibition in New Ro. During the cocktail I spoke with someone who had investors lined up to open up a store AND a vegan restaurant in downtown New Rochelle. I congratulated her and thought nothing more of it.



Then I called her back the next day and sent her an email. Yes – the space above the restaurant was available with much higher ceilings, better parking and more… the potential and synergy was beyond what I dreamed of before.  A miracle.



As, I look at the studio now in its current state awaiting building permits (I really have some karma to deal with learning how to be patient!), walls that need to be removed, ceilings that need to be raised, floors laid… walls painted, murals thought of… I could lose the truth of the matter.



The truth is that Westchester Yoga being in this location IS a miracle.  Or  I could ‘behold with rapt attention’ to the miracle unfolding, the gift being unwrapped and the joyous event of all of you being a part of it.



“Today I am open to the presence of miracles!”  So be it.