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Essential Oils

Learn from Claudia who used these oils to become Cancer free.  She has trained and she teaches full time and travels across the country to help her clients heal both emotionally and phsyically with these oils.  Hey on the fun side they can really effectively make the bedroom time better too!


Exploring Yoga – Using the Wall, the Floor and Chairs as Props with Freddie Wyndham April 27th1:00 – 3.30pm

The whole world is a playground filled with props. One of my favorite props is the stairway up to our bedroom, which I employ on a frequent basis to crawl around like some kind of bug or lizard.
Sometimes we use props to modify postures or to support us in restorative postures.  But props can also be used in creative and inventive ways enabling us to access and recruit muscles that are otherwise difficult to reach and to get into positions or orient ourselves in ways that allow us to strengthen, stretch and mobilize those muscles more deeply and efficiently.

In this workshop we will use the wall, the floor and chairs to enhance and deepen our practice. We’ll explore re-orientation to experience familiar poses from a fresh and perhaps more challenging prospective and delve into some unconventional practices all of which hold the potential to deeply strengthen, stretch and mobilize muscles, connective tissues and joints. This practice will also be a journey of enlightenment as we embark on an adventure to discover and explore new territory.

$40 in advance $45 on the day of the workshop