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Yoga RYT 200 Private or Semi-Private Program.

For years Wendy Vigroux our lead ERYT200 instructor would interview ”new” teachers from RYT200 courses who had all the knowledge of yoga.  However they did not actually have real consequential experience of teaching nor were they taught the ingredients of how the world can be changed one yoga class at time!  

Wendy felt a strong calling to create a program that would graduate teachers who are confident and have a degree of proficiency when teaching that would go beyond anything she had seen before from other recent trainee graduates from other schools.  The results have evoked testimonials such as : “These teachers teach as if they have been teaching for 10 years! They are amazing!”

As yoga means union, breath with movement, life on the yoga mat as a reflection of our lives off the yoga mat, Wendy has created a program that intertwines subjects (e.g.  physiology, chakras and standing poses and yoga philosophy) to create more understanding as to how they all relate to each other. 

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Ideal for people whose schedules do not allow weekend class times.

You can start fulfilling the class and workshop requirements before the course begins! By being proactive you will reduce the stress of fulfilling the course requirements on time.

As long as 9 hours of class time per week with the lead teacher are completed it would take 12 weeks to complete the course.

How much does the course cost?


  • A 30% non-refundable tuition deposit is required upon acceptance in addition to the $80 enrollment application processing fee.
  • The course ranges from $3,999 to $9,000  this includes unlimited yoga for the duration of the couse.  It depends on whether or not it is private or semi- private

Ever thought there is more to yoga and just the mechanics of the class? There is! So many trainings teach the mechanics and not the magic!

Certification requirements include:

  • 80% or more classroom attendance (90 to 110 hours)
  • Taking 35 yoga classes (15 Level 1 or Gentle, 15 Level 2/3 or Open, & 5 any level of your choice)
    *5 of these 35 can be taken outside of Westchester Yoga Arts. Tell the instructor so she can give you the form you will need to get filled out.
  • Observing yoga classes (8 classes at the studio)
  • Taking workshops (8 hours)
  • Passing mid-term and final exams (written & practical)
  • Research papers
  • Teaching yoga classes (5 classes)
  • Community Service requirement

Yes! Our program is registered with Yoga Alliance. We fulfill and even surpass the hour requirements of Yoga Alliance which include but are not limited to asanas, teaching techniques, philosophy, physiology and the business of yoga.

What does the program entail?

  • Learn with accelerated teaching techniques.
  • Then teach with the same techniques.
  • Classroom instruction on asana, philosophy, anatomy and physiology.
  • Studying the history of yoga; key philosophies.
  • Class observations.
  • Teaching yoga classes.
  • Taking yoga classes (*may not be included in tuition, please see below for further details).
  • Research papers
  • Community Service
  • Workshops (*not included in tuition).
  • Mid-term exams.
  • 2 final exams, 1 practical & 1 written.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies, based on the following:

  • Processing Fee – When submitting an application there is a $80 processing fee which is non-refundable if you are accepted into the program [reimbursed if you are not accepted into the program].
  • Text Books – There are 11 books which you may purchase from any vendor, roughly estimated cost may be around $220.
  • Insurance – Yoga Instructor Insurance which you may purchase from a vendor of your choice, roughly estimated cost may be around $100.
  • Workshop(s) – This cost is determined by which workshop(s) you choose to attend. For example, WYA offers several 2-hour workshops, costing under $40 each.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form. The application has a series of standard questions, plus a request for yoga-related recommendations, an essay on why you want to become a yoga teacher, etc. You can send the application via email [] or bring it in to the studio along with 2 referrals.

Please include the processing fee payment of $80 which is non-refundable if you are accepted into the program (reimbursed if you are not accepted into the program).

Please note that upon acceptance to the program, a 30-20% non-refundable TUITION deposit is required (*the earlier you sign up the smaller the deposit & monthly payments).