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Reiki Training.

Reiki I and II, October 12 & 13 from 2pm-8pm

 Reiki I:  Reiki for Self  $150 ($125 if registered before 10/1)

Reiki I attunement opens up the channel for Reiki energy to flow through the practitioner.   This class covers the history and development of Reiki, what Reiki is and is not, how to give Reiki to yourself and others and other topics.    The emphasis in this course is on self-healing, but Reiki I practitioners are able to work on others as well.   Course fees include a manual, certificate and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  There is no prerequisite for Reiki I.


Reiki II:  Reiki for Others  $199 ($175 if registered before 10/1)

Reiki II attunement further opens the channel to hold Reiki energy for the treatment of the practitioner and others.  Three symbols are introduced that can strengthen the Reiki energy, balance thoughts and emotions and send Reiki through time, distance and dimension.  Though the emphasis in this class is on treating others, advanced techniques for self-care are also taught.  Course fees include a manual and ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one day course.  Reiki I is the prerequisite for Reiki II.


Reiki I and II taken together $299 ($250 if registered before 10/1)



ART and Reiki Master Teacher Training January 18-20 2-8 pm

 Advanced Reiki Training:  Reiki Mastery  $299 ($250 if registered by January 10)

The Reiki Master attunement increases both the amount of Reiki energy the practitioner can hold and the commitment of the practitioner to Reiki as a spiritual path.  Reiki mastership often provides an awakening to a greater calling toward one’s life purpose and should be undertaken with seriousness.   Emphasis in this course is on dedication to service to spirit.  The master symbol is introduced.  A manual is provided, as is ample practice time for all techniques taught.  This is a one-day course.  Reiki I and II are the prerequisites for this course.


Reiki Master Teacher:  Mystery Teaching $350 ($300 if registered by January 10)

The Reiki Master Teacher class teaches how to pass attunements, arrange classes and other topics necessary to help you become a great Reiki teacher as well as practitioner.  Two additional symbols are learned.  A manual is provided as well as ample practice time for all attunements and other techniques introduced.  This is a two-day course.


Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher taken together: $600 ($500 if registered by January 10).



Deirdre (Dee) Savoy is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, medium, an adjunct lecturer at her local community college, an ordained minister with the Universal life church, and the author of over a dozen novels.  Dee’s mission is to help others clear past issues, all that doesn’t serve, in order to align their physical, mental and spiritual selves to their true life’s path.   Dee uses chanting, toning, singing, rattling, drumming, crystals or other modalities as needed. Often messages from loved ones come through and she will ask you if you would like to hear them. Each session is unique, tailored to her client’s needs. In all things, Dee facilitates, but Spirit guides. Dee is also a member in good standing of the Reiki Membership Association.