Impossible to Forgive? To Let of the Anger?

Posted on August 24, 2013 · Posted in Forgiveness, LIfe, Uncategorized, Yoga

Letting go is a choice. The hurt feeling that we hold onto is nothing less that our ego’s response to a person or a situation.  We are choosing to let that person or situation hold power over us when we hold on.  Release the spirit to find the courage to forgive.


Set the intention to let go and trust that it will happen.  Even the intention to forgive has to be released, surrendered.  On this journey when we choose to live “love” in each moment it nourishes the little seedling of the intention to forgive.


“Forgiveness is not an occasional act it is a constant attitude” Martin Luther King

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When we forgive it is an act of courage!  It frees US! Our bodies! Our minds! Our spirits! It’s not for the other!  When we forgive we become free.  Start small: someone honks a horn at you while you are turning left at a busy intersection – forgive and bless them.  Practice! Practice.  The bigger ones will fade away and one day you’ll realize that it’s gone, the resentment, the anger, the blame all that is left is love.  Love at the process of life, the wisdom of the Divine. Love for those who are our biggest teachers for our spirit – those who hurt us the most.


Seems far away? Or impossible to do? That’s okay: just leave the door ajar for it to happen: for life to become a rich and treasured adventure through the eyes of forgiveness.   Sit with a straight back.  Observe the inhale and exhale.  Inhale slowly and deeply, exhale slowly and deeply. Say to yourself “Forgiveness sets me free.”  Do this at a red light or waiting in line at a store or even on waiting on the toilet (yes it happens to all of us!). Find a few moments where you have to be still, and with the breath and the intention “Forgiveness sets me free”.  Feel the tiniest space of peace, serenity and the door will open a little wider each time to the freedom, the boundless joy that forgiveness brings.   The theme song for this blog post is:    Wings of Forgiveness India Arie